80s Fashion – Best Tips for Dressing like the 80s

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80's fashionIn the history of fashion, there’s no way you will forget the 80s because of the unique clothing items and styles in this decade. The 80’s fashion was characterized by loud fashion that includes bulky shoulder pads, crazy leg warmers, neon clothes, and acid-wash jeans.

Reconnecting with the former days of Madonna, Fame, George Michael and Flashdance only take a couple of tips for those who are fans of the 80s. So, go ahead and follow these tips to dress like the people of the 80s;

Go for Shoulder-padded Clothes

If you really want to replicate the 80s fashion, then you need to include shoulder pad in your 80s clothes. Hardly would you come across blouses, jackets or dresses in the 80s without a shoulder pad.

You don’t really have to go for a cloth with a sewn-in shoulder pad. You can place the pads yourself and remove them at will. Shoulder pads will provide you with a square-shouldered, boxy silhouette – great for making a typical 80s fashion statement during a business or evening function.

Wear Over-Sized Tops

You could practically see over-sized tops everywhere in the 80s. Go for really big off-shoulder-sweatshirt and wear it on leggings. It’s easy to come up with over-sized tops. Simply go for tops or shirts that are almost twice or exactly twice your size.

Put on Hot Minis

From the time it was ushered into the fashion forefront in the 80s, miniskirts are still here with us. So, you will be looking 80s with your mini skirt without being seen as old-fashioned with your dressing (if you’re concerned about that).

To really replicate 80s dressing in your miniskirt, you should go for skin-tight miniskirts made with cotton, PVC or denim. Complement it with a big-sized off-shoulder t-shirt, preferably tucked in.

Go ahead and daze your admirers with these top 80s fashion tips.