Breguet 41mm Tradition 7047 Hand Wound Tourbillon Review

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Breguet is a luxury watch manufacturer that was founded way back in 1775 in Paris. Boasting historic figures such as Queen Victoria and Marie Antoinette among their early patrons, Breguet has stood the test of time in the world of luxury jewelry and timepieces. The manufacturer is now based in Switzerland, which is great news for luxury timepiece aficionados, as Switzerland is the world’s premier location for exceptional timepiece movements and design.


The Tradition 7047 is a 41mm men’s timepiece that features an off-center, engraved dial of black mechanical design. This is a grand complication piece that combines some interesting technology — fusee tourbillon — which was invented by Breguet himself.

Made of platinum, this model features a constant-force mechanism, which is an invention that is hundreds of years old, to ensure accuracy. You can feel the history and evolution of watchmaking in this wristwatch while enjoying the luxury materials and modern industrial design. With a throwback that is reminiscent of the original Breguet pocket watches, this Tradition 7047 is a special timepiece. You won’t find this sitting next to fashion brands like Gucci, Armani or Lacoste watches in a traditional watch retailer. This is an ultra-luxury piece and will only be found in the most discerning of places.

Power Source

This 41mm Tradition 7047 men’s timepiece features a 542-component hand winding movement with a power reserve of 50 hours. Featuring 43 jewels, 16 lines, and a caliber 569 engine, this movement includes an inverted straight-line lever escapement, titanium balance-wheel, silicon balance-spring, a 2,5 frequency, and 18,000 vibrations per hour for precision timekeeping. You can view movement from the front of the silver skeleton dial or underneath the Sapphire of the transparent back casing, where this movement is on display in a beautiful show of craftsmanship and functionality.

The Good

Underneath the domed scratch resistant, Sapphire crystal lies one of the most beautifully designed and decorated ultra-luxury timepieces available. The silver dial is complicated with an exposed movement that can be viewed from the front and back of this timepiece. The dial offers a stunning hand-decorated fine Guilloche pattern and Roman Numeral hour markers that appear black against the silver skeleton dial. The blued hands are something magnificent against this backdrop.

With multiple watch complications (which you can find details on in the “Highlights” section below), this unbelievable timepiece is a one of a kind. The silver dial is simply stunning, fully functional, and features design aspects you do not traditionally find in one luxury timepiece. With a precision, hand-wound movement featuring 43 jewels and a caliber 569 engine, this movement has it all and will keep time with precision and style. You can view the movement through the front of the exposed dial as well as through the transparent backing — both of which are protected by a stunning Sapphire crystal.

The platinum case is polished to a shine and gives this watch such a unique look with the famous Breguet coined-edge around the casing. With a silver dial that offers the time in an off-set dial and a power reserve indicator to keep track of your movement’s power when not worn, this watch is a work of art. The timekeeping is simple (hour and minute), but it does it in luxury fashion. The strap of this watch is made from alligator/crocodile leather with a secure deployant buckle for security.

The Bad

This Breguet timepiece is so stunning and features the best construction, movement, precious metals, and design. It has no negative aspects to it as far as functionality or design is concerned. The price tag may be a bit much for most people — you can find this timepiece for anywhere from $151,000 to $245,000. Realistically, you can purchase it for just over $151,000, with most retail prices hanging around $180,000.

In addition, the water resistance is only rated to 30 meters / 99 feet. For a timepiece such as this, it is obvious one would be careful when wearing it, but I would feel more comfortable if it were resistant to at least 50 meters. However, that being said, having a transparent backing and skeleton dial, it is impressive that this timepiece has a 30-meter water resistance rating considering the delicate design.


The functionality of this Tradition model has been crafted to perfection. Since Breguet added a range of complications to this piece such as a tourbillon and fusee-chain, along with the offset main dial, this luxury watch has plenty of power to in its hand-wound movement to perfect these functions.

The 30-meter water resistance will keep your watch safe from splashes and rain, and the solid platinum construction is solid and protective. The Sapphire crystal in this case is very strong and scratch resistant — it will do a good job in remaining polished for a long time to come.


The 41mm polished platinum case is a stunning piece of sturdy and luxury construction worthy of the Breguet name. The iconic Breguet coined case edge is extremely recognizable and sets this watch apart from the rest. You can also find this timepiece in 18kt Rose Gold if you want some warmth to your watch. With a manual hand-winding movement, this Tradition 7047 model is quite a piece of work. The technology in the movement is advanced and beyond even your typical luxury watches.

It is clear that this Breguet is a timepiece that features a construction and design that are as perfect as one can get. This is an unusual and eye-catching luxury timepiece that was not constructed for the everyman.


This exclusive grand complication Tradition 7047 men’s luxury timepiece by Breguet costs around $245,000.