The Sustainable Fashion Lifestyle

Sustainable Fashion is a topic that has been discussed for centuries and is still being discussed today. The main point of the debate is whether fashion should be considered an art, or just a waste of resources. If we look at the history of fashion, we can see that it was always evolving in one way or another but never really changed its purpose which is to make people look good. This is one reason why so many people like shopping for new clothes because they want to feel good about themselves. However, there are also people who don’t care about how they look as long as they have enough money to buy whatever they want without thinking about the consequences on their health and environment. What is the Philosophy Behind Sustainable Fashion? A sustainable fashion lifestyle is a growing movement that aims to change the way we think about […]

Variety of Women’s Clothing Lifestyle

Women’s clothing lifestyle is a term that describes women’s fashion brands, retailers, products, and services. The term “lifestyle” is used because it refers to the combination of beauty, style, and feeling good about yourself. Women’s clothing lifestyle is usually for women who want more than just clothes. They want to feel good about themselves and their appearance as well as enjoy shopping for new items in their wardrobe or beauty products they use every day. Women’s Clothing Lifestyle, Shopping is an art Shopping is an art, a hobby, and a passion. It’s also a lifestyle choice for many women around the world. Shopping can be a way of life, sport or even fun! The variety of stores that sell women’s clothing lifestyle for women is endless you can buy clothes from department stores or boutiques; online or in person; at high-end boutiques or discount stores, vintage shops or thrift shops […]

Fashion Goals this Winter from Adidas

When the frigid temperature hits, it is sometimes hard to imagine braving these conditions outside your home; however, with some careful consideration of a winter trend to follow, you might feel brave enough to face the cold temperatures and rainy weather conditions. Therefore, when starting your shopping experience in searching for the best outerwear for cold conditions, you should look at the items of clothing meant for such frigidness on sites such as the one from adidas. Thus you can follow the winter trend presented by them and are advised to ensure you keep warm inside and outside your home when winter hits, followed by rainy and cold temperatures. In addition, there might be several other trends to follow; however, by following the advice given online, you might not feel stuck this winter month; therefore, it might also be of good consideration to follow and read up on customer reviews […]

Controlling the Shape of Body by Using Body Suit and Waist Trainer

plus size waist trainer

Many women want to look beautiful in their appearance. One of the best criteria is having a beautiful body. In order to make it true, the women do a lot of things including diet, exercise, wearing shapewear, bodysuit and waist trainer. Well, in order to control the shape of the body when wearing clothes, the women tend to wear a bodysuit. Why? the bodysuit can be used for tucking in the part of the body that should be tucked in. As a result, women will look more beautiful when they wear their clothes. On the other hand, the waist trainer can be used for supporting the result of fitness. It also can help to create the best shape of the waist. Those two things are common things for women. Wearing bodysuit to control the shape of the tummy One of the main parts of the woman’s body is the tummy. […]

80s Fashion – Best Tips for Dressing like the 80s

In the history of fashion, there’s no way you will forget the 80s because of the unique clothing items and styles in this decade. The 80’s fashion was characterized by loud fashion that includes bulky shoulder pads, crazy leg warmers, neon clothes, and acid-wash jeans. Reconnecting with the former days of Madonna, Fame, George Michael and Flashdance only take a couple of tips for those who are fans of the 80s. So, go ahead and follow these tips to dress like the people of the 80s; Go for Shoulder-padded Clothes If you really want to replicate the 80s fashion, then you need to include shoulder pad in your 80s clothes. Hardly would you come across blouses, jackets or dresses in the 80s without a shoulder pad. You don’t really have to go for a cloth with a sewn-in shoulder pad. You can place the pads yourself and remove them at […]