Why Dental Implants Are So Popular

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Implants replace the entire tooth, from its root to the crown. A periodontist in Miami places a small titanium post in your jaw so it heals as it integrates with the nearby tissue and bone and becomes a replacement root. Once healing occurs, a dentist attaches a bridge, crown or denture to the implant in a bid to restore function and appearance. These days, most patients opt for dental implants, but why do they prefer it? Reasons for the Popularity of Dental Implants Highly successful Dental implants are created so you use them all your life. When it comes to tooth replacement, a dental implant is an option with the highest rate of success. In fact, clinical studies for the last 40 to 50 years show that use of implants has a whopping 95 percent success rate. Implants Preserve Bone The roots of a natural tooth are attached to the […]