Types of Zippers – Which One Do You Need?

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Reliable, dependable and quality zippers are investments that can give you the best value for your money. But, your choice of zippers can either make or break an accessory or garment.

Closed-End Zipper

Closed-end zippers are zippers that don’t separate at their bottom. Their bottom end has a stopper that keeps the pull from separating and going further.

Two Way Separating Zippers

Also called two-head zippers, double zippers, and dual zippers, two-way separating zippers have two pulls or sliders. After installing the zipper, its bottom slider can then move up the zipper’s teeth to unzip the lower part of the zipper. These are perfect for use on jackets as well as luggage.


Separating Zippers

Both ends of these zippers open with a slider. These have a lock at the bottom part that is useful for attaching the zipper teeth. This kind of zipper can be used on jackets, coats, construction clothing, blouses, hoodies, sweatshirts, vests, and blouses wherein the whole two parts should be opened. These often come in longer lengths and are also known as open-ended zippers.

Continuous Zipper Chain

These zippers are extra long that can be cut in any preferred length. These can be as long as 100 or even 300 inches or longer. These extra long zipper chains can also be used for cushions, tents, mattress covers, garment bags, or anywhere where you need zippers that are longer than the average ones.

Metal Zippers

Metal zippers come in numerous makes and lengths. The short metal zippers can be used on those jeans with shiny gold or brass finishes. These zippers are available in lengths of 4 to 9 inches. There are also aluminum zippers, which are the heavy duty and heavy gauge zippers. The nickel ones sport a shiny silver finish. These are also more durable compared to aluminum ones.

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